Soul Sister Sunday Oct 3rd

Soul Sister Sunday Oct 3rd

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Soul Sister Sunday is a day dedicated to the collective fellowship of like minds and spirit of Sisterhood. In this sacred space, healing, purification, and peace of mind are our primary focus. Our circles always include cleansing, meditation, confirmation, sound wisdom, and a supernatural unplug from the matrix to tap into the true divinity and essence within each individual. Sankofa House has curated a mothership for all to come and feel at home, rested and retreated from a reality full of exhausting unnatural and unrealistic obligation, responsibility and expectations. We are here to assist in the equilibrium of the mind, body and spirit for restoration. In this space the only requirement is that you come in your pure white, with open minds, ready to release to receive what it present for you. We ask that you RSVP through the website as seats are limited for the chosen few for each circle. If you have any questions please feel free to email us (Bring a journal). Refreshments, meal will be provided. 

Event ticket is non-refundable. 

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Place of Rebirth

I remember my first time arriving at Sankofa to attend Soul Sister Sunday, I will never forget. I didn't know what all to expect, but I was expecting. And I was never the same once I left. No circle is ever the same. You get what you came for, and even if you don't know why you will be revealed to you before you go. There are too many words to describe Soul Sister Sunday but it has been everything for my soul, mind and spirit. Ase' ooooo!!!!!!!

Tierra S.
United States United States
Soul Sister Sunday

Soul Sister Sunday reveals and confirms everything your soul desires. You will not leave out the same way you came in. Sacred space is held to bring light upon the known and unknown. This divine circle births, awakens, and empowers your soul like no other.

Me’Osha B.
United States United States
Sister Circle

Life changing experience. Thankful for it

Leoly S.
United States United States

Sankofa House is Divine! And so is Kamilah! Literally a life changing experience! ❤️

Tania W.
United States United States
Sankofa House

Awe thankh you Tania it is a pleasure to receive your feedback


Great experience in the sisterhood and shopping pleasure . Thank you for this healing space !

Sharhonda M.
United States United States
Sankofa House

Thankh you Sharhonda!