About Sankofa House Savannah

Sankofa House Savannah is a safe and sacred haven created with intentions to restore, revive and resurrect the community back to the vibrations of health, wellness & wholeness of mind, body & spirit. There has long been a need for an alternative help in our community starting with LOVE of Self and love for each other. It is only through love that we can truly heal on all levels. With Love we can then build in TRUTH by knowing who we are and standing in that truth together because we NEED each other now more than ever.

Many are called to Sankofa out of Spirit, for services, products, events or plan ole' curiosity (and even that has the sound CURE in it). No matter what attracts someone to Sankofa everyone will always be received with open arms to be provided with what is needed and we guarantee that it will never be what you expect that it will be. It is definitely a deeper level of experience. Sankofa House is often referred to as Home, a Retreat Space, the Temple, The Mothership, or The Unplug from the Matrix.

We're truly honored to serve as a beacon of Light for our community and we're so very grateful for the continued love and support!

Founder of Sankofa House Savannah

The Visionary + Priestess + Oracle

Cheyanne also known as Kamilah KaMaat "Complete Soul of Truth" Founder + Chieftess of Sankofa House Savannah LLC. She is an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor, Certified Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Doula, Kemetic Reiki Practitioner, and Certified Life Coach and the list of gifts go on. She helps purpose-driven individuals achieve clarity and confirmation through tarot readings, the synchronization of breath, meditation, movement, intuitive touch, spiritual cleansing, ceremonies and more. As a clairvoyant, having the ability to perceive information that is physically out of reach, Cheyanne delivers a peace of mind by providing solutions that the community has described as having immediate impact.

Since a little girl, she always wanted to be a teacher. Now she does just that by using her personal story and intuitive insights as a guide to supporting other women, men, and children in becoming more self-loving, forgiving, and confident as a means of healing. "Freedom is the ultimate goal," she quotes, “everything we want is in the presence of freedom, but how do we obtain it?” Cheyanne has dedicated her life to showing us how while having done the work (and still doing the work) for herself, family, and community. She is flexible in the arrangements to offer services to those who seek help to first help themselves. She's a modern day Healer, referring to herself as a Healing Healer.

She stepped out on the mission to seek a space to host gatherings. In doing so she manifested a home in the heart of Savannah's east side, serving as a former prime location and entity "LIGHThouse of the Community", called Sankofa House Savannah. The ministry is currently in a private location for events and services. 
With the strength of purpose and a desire to add culture and connection to the indigenous community of Savannah. Sankofa House celebrates African Spirituality and all things that serve the roots, truth and the health of the people. Here she welcomes all who are on a mission to begin again by reconnecting with their true Self that many have been programmed, traumatized, traditionalized and domesticated away from. She says there's solutions when reaching back into one's very own past and the past of their ancestors to reclaim the puzzle pieces missing in the present. In doing so she affirms a better foundation of Self because you begin to remember by resonation who you are before anyone told you who you were suppose to be. She pushes all to follow their own inner voice, the whispers of our ancestors and the many signs and synchronicities of nature. She points us in the direction within.