Mothers Army Ministry

The Mothers Army Ministry, call answered in January 2022. MAM represents an extension of the work we have been doing here at Sankofa House, and now taking it beyond the borders of our immediate community. As a collective army, our mission is to serve with love, healing, liberation, education, celebration, preservation, and memorization of our history and heritage. This work has brought light and positivity to countless lives wherever we’ve traveled.
The Mothers Army Ministry is not limited to just Sisters; it also includes the participation of Warrior and protector Brothers. This inclusive approach ensures that the collective effort encompasses the strength and wisdom of both the masculine and feminine. When we come together, it is not only to address important matters for the forward motion of the movement but also to have a good time. This combination of purpose and joy creates a powerful and uplifting atmosphere.
The gratitude we express for the army, Sisterhood, and the assignment we’ve received is evident. Each Sister is honored for her dedication, uniqueness, and consistency to the Ministry, recognizing the valuable contributions of every individual. Whether in person or virtually, we invite others who feel called to join our collective. The physical distance is no longer a barrier, as we offer opportunities for participation and connection regardless of location.
The invitation to join our movement is extended to all who resonate with our mission and wish to be part of a supportive and empowering community. Finding your tribe is essential, and we provide a space for individuals to do just that. Once again, we’re grateful for all of our achievements and the positive impact we’ve created. May this journey continue to be filled with growth, love, and the fulfillment of our ministry’s purpose.

The Pillars

Chieftess-Oracle Kamilah KaMaat & Prophetess Ehyeh Egò

The Elder

Kamau Adachi

Collectively we have nine operating committee's within this ministry. We're expanding into an extension of the M.A.M Mother's Army Ministry with M.A.M.A Mother's Army Ministry Ambassadors which will consist of Sisters who would like to volunteer and assist with organizational events, etc. 

Within M.A.M we also have our MENistry, the Brotherhood / Warrior Ministry for Men.

Mothers Army Ministry Collective