Conversation with Kamilah

Conversation with Kamilah

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Kamilah KaMaat offers a unique one-on-one experience where individuals have the opportunity to connect, ask questions, and receive knowledge, wisdom, understanding, comfort, support, clarity, and peace of mind. She has a special gift of transmuting energy and guiding others through their inner journeys.

Kamilah's intuitive guidance can help individuals find their way from darkness back to light. She has the ability to quickly bring resolution to burdens and is known for knowing what to say and how to say it to create movement and growth. Her words have a deep impact that resonates beyond the surface level, reaching into ancestral healing and future generations.

Embracing Kamilah's mother energy, divine feminine energy, and sweet anointing can create a sacred space for individuals. While she may not refer to herself as a "reader" in the new age sense, her community recognizes her as "The Oracle" and "Lighthouse." Kamilah awaits to hold space with and for individuals, providing guidance and support on their spiritual journeys.

This call is 1 Hr and will be done Virtually. 

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