Mami Wata “Aura Cleansing Spray”
Mami Wata “Aura Cleansing Spray”
Mami Wata “Aura Cleansing Spray”
Mami Wata “Aura Cleansing Spray”

Mami Wata “Aura Cleansing Spray”

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Made with a collective of powerful spiritual waters that I love to combine for a quick refreshing aura wash. If you’ve ever been to one of my circles this is the same combination I use for the spiritual bath upon entry into the temple. I use it in ceremony, person ritual, foot baths, energy clearing “reiki”, to cleanse stones, etc. 

This MAMI WATA is a mobile reminder that the DIVINE feminine energy is always present within you and around you. In the presence of that energy all things are possible for you because you hold the POWER. 

MAMI WATA is an energy featured as the wealth of abundant waters, who’s cup never runs dry. Also a symbol of good fortune, healing, and so much more. 

We give THANKS to and for the MOTHERS. 

You can use this by spraying over your head and allowing this mist to fall over you. Speak a prayer, intention or affirmation. 

Or you can spray into your hands, clap hands together over your head, then run your hands from your crown, down your body, to your feet. 

Or how ever you intuitively choose to use it, you can’t go wrong with your first mind. 

Mami Wata “Aura Cleansing Spray”
Mami Wata “Aura Cleansing Spray”
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Mami Wata

Enhancing with a great smell !!

Shabnu A.
United States United States

Mami Wata

Mami Wata is been working so good on me . i spray it on me every time i go into a store , anybody house , any building, etc etc just anywhere . So many energies will attach to me to the point where it causes headaches , i will feel tired , i will be crying out of anywhere . its been helping me with my anxiety when i go out into places with crowds. one day like a week or so ago i forgot to spray on me & i had a bad headache to the point i was throwing up later that night i was crying & just overwhelmed. i had to take a detox bath & do medication to be balanced again . Mami Wata is part of my daily routine ❤️


Aura Spray

I spray it over me daily to keep my aura clean and positive.

Deborah J.
United States United States

Bring me peace

I love this so much. It's a must to apply on every time I do a water cleanse. I spray myself from crown to bottom, and feel amazing doing so.

United States United States

Super Power in a Bottle

Mama Water is a Divine Creation for Sure! I spray it everywhere! I have a Bottle everywhere. I suggest buying more than 1 at a time. It clears any Neg./Stagnant energy. It repels. Smell with uplift any mode! At times it has made me feel very sensual . It intensified my gifts when I’m reading, channeling etc. I feel divine when i spray in my hair. I bless my Ori with it daily. Infinite Blessings for this creation to Spirit and Kamilah Kamaat

United States United States