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“The Soul’s conversation of remembrance.”


In addition to coaching sessions, I also offer Oracle readings as a tool to bridge the connection between the psychic and spiritual confirmations that clients already have deep within themselves. These readings are typically done towards the end of the session, unless otherwise directed.

Before beginning a reading, I first read the individual and their energy. I believe that the oracle is discovered in the words expressed by the client. During the reading, I confirm the connection between the energies of the cards and the divine seat within the client. Each reading serves as a channeling of the subtle energy of Spirit. I don't control the flow, but rather gently navigate it. I listen, hear, and then speak, providing the reclamation and clarity that the client's soul needs.

Wearing all white during the session, even if it is a virtual reading, is encouraged. This is because readings are seen as initiations, and decisions are on the forefront to be made. I refer to any point and meeting with me as the crossroads, as it signifies a pivotal moment. Instructions will come during the session, but ultimately, it is up to the client to adhere to the calling they seek. I am simply here as a reminder and guide.

By engaging in a reading or coaching session with me, you are guaranteed to experience an energetic shift within your mind, heart, and overall spirit. My aim is to assist you in returning home to yourself, reconnecting with your true essence and purpose.

Also do a spiritual bath or shower before the reading. Always have a Journal present. 

We look forward to assisting you on your path to your unfolding destiny. 

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I could leave a review but honestly, I just want to write a thank you note. Kamilah. My sis. Thank you for holding equitable space for me. For communing with me and telling me what I needed to hear. For reassurance but also accountability. For knowledge unbound and connections to learn more. Your words sing in my ear when they finally come to fruition. All the insight, the messages, the translations that come to pass or make sense later. When I first came across your services I thought for sure someone of your stature and beauty (inner and physical) had to be inaccessible. So wrong. You build a community which you are truly committed to and authentic with. It really is a sisterhood. Not just a marketplace. The gift you give is that of your true self. In servitude to a very high calling. Reflecting the good you see in others. Showing them their goodness through the goddess in you. Telling your stories, no matter how painful to help others. And leaning on faith and community to pave the way for the women coming up with and behind you. Your army. Our army. The mother army. I love you sis. Lai Lai. Thank you, for you, from me. Thank you!

Shanell R.
United States United States

Great Experience

Kamilah was an experience by herself, very intuitive, wise, patient and caring while doing her work. She helped me get clarity and confirmation on alot of things about myself which I greatly appreciate. There were a few things she shared I'm still working on but that's life isn't it ? Kamilah is a beautiful beacon of light who is truly doing the work not only for the sisters but to the brothers as well. It takes a lot of love to do what Kamilah does for the community, as time goes I can see more of us taking her lead in similar ways to bringing our communities back to it's rich and abundant nature that's full of love , peace and freedom to grow in ways that would make our ancestors proud. Much Love to you Sista Kamilah, you have my support. May the Blessings Be with all that continue to do.

A Sankofa House  Customer
Hamilcar C.
United States United States

Inner Self Guidance

Kamilah was an amazing experience for me. She is truly gifted and blessed. More than ever she opened up my eyes to me and her words and affirmations were inspiring. I definitely feel connected more to inner self and she also continues to guide me through any questions I have. She was so down to earth and fun. Definitely will continue to use her for readings♥️

Amber M.
United States United States

Divinely Guided Oracle

Kamillah is a Sacred and Divinely Guided Oracle! It was an Honor to share space with her as she taps into the higher universe within us both! I am forever grateful for her guidance on my journey to remembering self! Her outside Beauty is an Overflow from what’s inside! Gratitude Goddess! Forever Grateful Selfless

Shauna S.
United States United States