Virtual Group Coaching (Month to Month) - Next One Starts October 10th

Virtual Group Coaching (Month to Month) - Next One Starts October 10th

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My coaching sessions are one of my most favorite offerings. I have the opportunity of just pouring into a vessel where the filling is needed. We can discuss any topic. Any question can be asked and with sound mind, reasoning and listening there’s always an answer that surfaces. I am motivated to do this after hosting Sister circles for 8 years for once a month, offering one on ones and private group circles I wanted to make an offering to my online community. In this space we can create virtual community in confidentiality. Digging deep to find the clarity and confirmation to unleash and unlock whatever mental, emotional, physical or spiritual restraints that are in the way. The purpose of the sessions are to inspire growth, activate wisdom and motivate change (transformation). This is an investment in yourself and the future of everything you are co-creating. In this exchange I get to offer you what I have learned over the past 10 Years of my own personal Self Discovery to assist you in your own. 


Next session begins 04/11 - 5/2

MAY - 5/9 - 5/30 

JUNE - 6/6 - 6/27

JULY 7/4 - 7/25

AUGUST - 8/1 - 8/22

SEPTEMBER - 9/5 - 9/25

OCTOBER - 10/3 - 10/24

NOVEMBER - 11/7 - 11/28

DECEMBER - 12/5 - 12/26 


Your investment covers one virtual group session per week,  for 2-4hours (we flow with spirit) Total 4 weeks. 

Investment is non refundable, non transferable. 

If you sign up late you will start the following month’s session.

We have a WhatsApp Group that is created for every month session. 

We have our weekly Virtual Call on Google Meet. 

We wear white every call.

Have a journal present for accountability notes, quotes and reminders.

Come with an open mind and open heart ready to be transparent and vulnerable for deepening. 

Sessions are recorded and are shared with the group just in case someone missed a session. 

If you have questions email


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Loving Healing Community

The virtual group sisterhood is a powerful community where I feel safe and supported. I am in awe of the amount of shadow work I have been able to do since I joined the sisterhood. I found a group of sisters that held me accountable with love, respect and no judgment. This sisterhood has brought a sense of peace and transformation to my life that I was looking for. I invite you to invest in yourself and join us!

United States United States

Just what Spirit Ordered

The reason I keep returning to the weekly virtual sessions is because I be needing my tribe to get I try for a month or so to thug it out, but I'm always drawn right back to where my soul is loved and nurtured. The sense of true community and safe space that has been cultivated within the coaching group is everything. I'm excited to continue my elevation and I'm grateful to have a crew to do the climb with cuz whew!

United States United States


This is my 2nd month and I am forever changed. I have not been able to trust a lot of people in my life and definitely would have never thought that I would be able to share with a group of women I've never met "my secrets" or thoughts. But since Day 1, I felt the honesty, the security of being in a safe space to say my truth no matter how good or bad they may have been. NO JUDGEMENT, just the outpour of love and holding space. I have been able to make some breakthroughs and weights have been lifted. Kamilah take the time to pour into each and every person. It is not easy to do the work, but when you put in the time and effort, then you are rewarded with transformation.

Melody B.
United States United States

Safe authentic space

I’ve been joining the group coaching calls for about 8 months. After some time of praying for a community of people who are like me, Source guided me to exactly what I needed before I even consciously realized it. I give thanks to Kamilah KaMa’at who has allowed the intention to flow through her of creating this safe space for sisters to come together and support one another in doing the work needed to be done to elevate us beyond what this world wants us to think we are, to remember who we are and why we are here, to collectively lift up out of the shadows and out of the facade that the outside world of today tries to keep us in. The calls provide a space of accountability in a way where you you’re supported in showing up for yourself. These calls do not work unless you do; it’s a platform for you to show up in your authenticity, and be held there in a safe space, to reinforce who you are so you can show up as that out in the world when you leave the call. Knowing that I have a trusted sisterhood I can turn to who will see me for who I truly am and guide me back to inner medicine has been so beneficial to my growth. Being able to hold space for my sisters who do the same for me has been powerful. As we all show up authentically together, the medicine becomes so prevalent. I have nothing but praises and gratitude for the Virtual Sisterhood Group Coaching space. If you are feeling called to join this space, I encourage you to trust yourSelf and listen to that call.

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This month (July) was my first virtual life coaching experience. And it’s just that an experience! One can try to explain what it’s like but it’s not the same as experiencing for yourself. I’ve never overstood myself as much as I do now, and I’m still learning. Mother Kamilah is the reason. I’ve never been one to express my inner thoughts because of how others would feel, but in this circle you’re free! Free to feel. Free to love. Free to be heard. Free to be seen. Free from judgment. Free to be you. Free to know you. Free to heal you. Free to heal your loved ones. There’s just sooo much to say about these calls but you MUST experience it for yourself. I will continue doing these calls and continue to elevate! Asé ❤️

Tasha H.
United States United States