Virtual Group Coaching (Month to Month) - March 5, 2024
Virtual Group Coaching (Month to Month) - March 5, 2024
Virtual Group Coaching (Month to Month) - March 5, 2024

Virtual Group Coaching (Month to Month) - March 5, 2024

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I am honored to offer coaching sessions as one of my favorite services. It provides me with an opportunity to pour my knowledge and support into those who are seeking guidance and growth. These sessions are open to discussing any topic or question you may have, and through sound reasoning, active listening, and a clear mind, we can always uncover the answers you seek.

My motivation to offer coaching sessions stems from my experience hosting Sister circles for 10 years, as well as providing one-on-one and private group circles. I wanted to extend my offerings to my online community, creating a virtual space where we can come together in confidentiality and support each other's growth.

During our sessions, we will dig deep to find clarity and confirmation, allowing you to unleash and overcome any mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual restraints that may be hindering your progress. The purpose of these sessions is to inspire personal growth, activate your inner wisdom, and motivate transformative change in your life.

Investing in these coaching sessions is an investment in yourself and the future of everything you are co-creating. Through our exchange, I will offer you the knowledge and insights I have gained over the past 13 years of my own personal self-discovery journey. My aim is to assist you in your own journey of self-discovery and personal development.

I am grateful to embark on this transformative journey with you, and together, we will unlock your potential and create a brighter future.

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February 6 - February 27

March 5 - March 26

April 9 - April 30 

May 7 - May 28 

June 4 - June 25

July 9 - July 30 

August 6 - August 27 

September 3 - September 24

October 8 - October 29

November 5 - November 26

December 3 - December 24 


Your investment covers one virtual group session per week,  for 2-4hours (we flow with spirit) Total 4 weeks. 

Investment is non refundable, non transferable. 

If you sign up late you will start the following month’s session.

We have a WhatsApp Group that is created for every month session. 

We have our weekly Virtual Call on Google Meet. 

We wear white every call.

Have a journal present for accountability notes, quotes and reminders.

Come with an open mind and open heart ready to be transparent and vulnerable for deepening. 

Sessions are recorded and are shared with the group just in case someone missed a session. 

If you have questions email


Virtual Group Coaching (Month to Month) - March 5, 2024
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Righteous Redemption

This month's theme focused on redeeming my truth, redeeming who I am unapologetically. We focused on connecting with our hearts, I will say this connection allowed me to love openly, to use my voice when it was necessary and to be the student of self. I was able to manifest my desires into reality and remove the mask that I purposely wore for others to make them feel comfortable, I realized by allowing others to feel comfortable I was dimming my own light. I am now more comfortable in presenting as my true self and I look forward to continuing this journey of self discovery. Thank you Kamilah Ma'at for creating this space and for your guiding light!

I A.
United States

Righteous Redemption ✨

Every month I get exactly what I need! The more I attend these sessions, the better I feel and come more into alignment with my Higher Self. What we transmute on these calls directly reflects what we transmute for our bloodlines. What I receive here is not only medicine for me; it’s for my Mama, my grandmothers, my sisters, aunties, and cousins. This is where wounds get healed and chains get broken. This is where we are freed and redeemed. I give thanks for the visionary who created this sacred space for us all, Kamilah KaMaat. We moving some thangs and doing necessary work because my sistar answered this call first. ASÉ ❤️‍

Latifa J.
United States United States

True Reflection of Sisterhood

This was a helpful, transformative, and supportive group of women that showed honor, respect, and love towards me from Day 1. The discussions, tools, and resources are priceless! I have so much gratitude for Kamilah and Sistars in this group!!!

April P.
United States United States

The Sweetest Love

This sacred space reminds me that my story is my story. And I determine what my story looks like. This safe space reminds me that I am worthy of receiving. I am reminded of my Divine Feminine and the energy and power that I carry is benevolent. This is a space where we go DEEP. There is nothing surface level about this space because we dive into the depths of the heart. I am reminded in soul many ways of the beauty and power I have within. I am seen. I am felt. I am reminded. I am affirmed. And I am deeply loved by my Sistars. This space reflects the me that is required to show up. The I Am. The I Will. Asé ✨

Latifa J.
United States United States

Indescribable & Limitless Gratitude

When I joined Novembers class 4 weeks ago to embark on the mystery of breaking the curse of attachments I had no idea what to expect! I had no idea what this months class was going to bring but I knew it was necessary. Fast Forward to now and the class has ended. There are not enough words in the English dictionary to truly describe the magic that happened. This is something that is felt! I was challenged with looking at the things that I was holding on to & the things that were holding on to me. I felt so vulnerable many times and every time I did, I felt safe and I felt seen. I never felt alone because I had an entire group of woman that acknowledged me and selflessly held space for me. NOW walking into this month of the unknown I feel so free, so clear, and so inspired ! I will be back AGAIN! Always Love

JaKarra A.
United States United States